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mysterio-jblWhile JBL (John “Bradshaw” Layfield) may be a commentator and Rey Mysterio decided not to renew his contract and is now taking some heat for the death of El hijo Del Perro Aguayo, Jr., these guys once competed in the WWE and they clashed at WrestleMania 25 for JBL’s WWE Intercontinental Championship. One of the cool things about having Rey Mysterio was seeing all the different outfits and masks he wore and at WrestleMania 25, he paid tribute to Heath Ledger’s Joker character. While the referee was starting to give the instructions, JBL kicked Rey right in the head sending him to the mat and he started to beat up Rey. But as soon as the referee rang the bell, Rey was able to hit JBL with an enziguri which he would then follow with the 619 and the pinfall victory in 21 seconds to become the new Intercontinental Champion. Right after the match was done, JBL announced that he had enough and he quit the WWE. As far as I know this was the last time JBL competed in a wrestling match. This match also marked the first time since WrestleMania X8 that the IC belt was defended at WrestleMania.

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