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edge-adrEdge may have had a successful run in tag team wrestling, but it was run in the singles division that had me paying attention to the Rated R Superstar and you can’t have a countdown to WrestleMania without at least one match from Edge. At WrestleMania XXVII (27) from the Georgia Dome, Edge was defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the always dangerous Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio, the Mexican aristocrat, had won the 2011 Royal Rumble which guaranteed him a shot at the champion which of course was Edge. Edge was coming into this match knowing that he had never successfully defended a championship at WrestleMania the last three years. Edge also knew that Alberto was going to be surrounded at ringside by his bodyguard Broadus Clay and his Spanish ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, so Christian came to the aid of Edge and he sat at ringside at WrestleMania.

edgeOne of the things that was going to hinder Edge going into this match was the injured arm courtesy of Alberto’s cross arm breaker that had been slapped on more than once before the event. Of course throughout the match, Alberto Del Rio was taking advantage of it like any hungry superstar would and no matter what advantage you think Edge was getting Del Rio was quick to cut it off by going after the arm. Christian proved to be an important asset throughout the match as he was able to keep Broadus and Ricardo away. A high risk maneuver that didn’t pay off for Del Rio finally gave the rated r superstar the advantage he needed as he started to connect with some high flying forearm shots, but he couldn’t get he pinfall victory over Del Rio. Out of nowhere, Del Rio would lock on the cross arm breaker, but Edge was able reach the ropes forcing Del Rio to break the hold.

edge 2After going back and forth and some interference along the way, Del Rio was once again able to slap on the cross arm breaker, but this time it looked grim for Edge. Edge was then able to roll up Del Rio while he was in the cross arm breaker forcing Del Rio to break his own submission to avoid a loss by pinfall. Once out of the hold, Edge would lock on his finisher the Edgeucator which is a modified sharpshooter. After breaking the hold, Edge would hit Del Rio with the spear which was followed by a pinfall victory as Edge successfully retained his title. Sadly, this was the last time that Edge had ever competed in a wrestling ring as a week later on Raw, he would announce his retirement due to a neck injury that had plagued most of his career. It was a pleasure getting to see Edge compete in the WWE for all the years he gave us the WWE Universe.