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wmvToday is the day you have all been waiting for for the last 31 days, that is right today is WrestleMania 31 live from Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. We covered one match from each of the past 30 WrestleManias and as I stated in the beginning, Day 31 was my choice from any of the WrestleManias. After watching last night’s Hall Of Fame festivities, I realized that I left some people out of the countdown and to make up for it, I decided we would explore the match today. We are travelling back to WresteMania V to look at The Bushwhackers taking on The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. Everyone’s favorite team from down under was taking on the much hated Rougeaus who were managed by “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart. When The Bushwhackers entered the ring they immediately went after Jimmy Hart, taking his jacket from him, but Jimmy made it out of the ring. As they were about to tear the jacket apart, The Rougeau Brothers stepped in an and attacked them.

bushwhackers 2After getting The Rougeau Brothers off their game a little bit, The Bushwhackers were able to take advantage and hit Raymond with the battering ram. When Luke went for the cover, Jacques tried to land a knee, but Luke rolled out of the way forcing the Rougeau Brothers to regroup on the outside. With the referee distracted by Butch, The Rougeau Brothers were able to double team Luke as they pounded him into the ring. Anytime Jacques or Raymond made a tag, they would hit Luke with a double ax handle and they followed it by hitting Butch off the ring apron. After Raymond hit Luke with a kick to the gut, the team decided to celebrate which gave Butch time to grab Luke for another battering ram which they hit and they followed that with a rib breaker and Luke pinned Raymond for the win. After a heart felt Warrior Award presentation last night at the Hall Of Fame, it was good to get some laughs in with The Bushwhackers who are now Hall Of Famers. I also want to remind everyone to enjoy the biggest night in Sports Entertainment.

the bushwackers