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titleFirst I want to start my discussion by saying that John Cena was right in the fact that Kevin Owens does belong in the WWE ring. Those two guys gave it their all in the ring and provided us with another spectacular match. One of the things that I liked was at the beginning of the PPV, they rang the bell and had all the superstars out for the tribute and later on they had a special video paying tribute to him. Dusty Rhodes was a true American Wrestling Icon and legend that will be forever missed. I was severely disappointed in a lot of the decisions that were made in the night like the WWE sticking the money in the bank briefcase with Sheamus, but I did like the fact that Roman Reigns will feud with Bray Wyatt. I was also disappointed with Paige not winning the WWE Divas title because I feel she is the future and she deserved to win. The Ryback/ Big Show match was a complete and utter disappointment thanks to The Miz, but it could have been a stinker. The Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose ladder match lived up to the hype in my opinion and this rivalry is as good as it gets. I am looking forward to future matches between the two of them. As far as the night went with my predictions, I went 2-5 which is another horrible PPV result, but what the hell are they doing with King Barrett?

R Truth defeated King Barrett

Sheamus won the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Nikki Bella defeated Paige

The Big Show defeated Ryback by DQ

John Cena defeated Kevin Owens

The Primetime Players defeated The New Day

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose

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