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Hell in a Cell 2015 Poster.jpgI have to be honest and say that I haven’t really been following the WWE as Raw has just been boring me week after week. So, I stopped watching it completely, but my friends always let me in on what has been going on every week. So, Brock Lesnar is facing The Undertaker for the third time and while most may be excited for this match, I am actually hoping that Brock puts him out of his misery for good. Bray Wyatt is facng Roman Reigns in a Hell In A Cell Match which should be pretty good. Demon Kane is going to take on Seth Rollins and if Rollins wins then Corporate Kane is fired. John Cena is for the first time putting the US Title on the line in a US Open Challenge and if they were smart, it would be Daniel Bryan that comes out for it. In what should be an OK match is Kevin Owens defending the Intercontinental Title against Ryback. One match that I am looking forward to seeing is Charlotte defending the Divas title against Nikki Bella which should be a redemption match for that awful match that Charlotte had when she beat Nikki for the title. Here are my predictions for the night:

Daniel Bryan defeats John Cena (or John Cena loses period)

Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker

Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt

Kevin Owens defeats Ryback

Seth Rollins defeats Kane (Kane officially retires)

Charlotte defeats Nikki Bella

The Dudley Boys defeats The New Day

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville win on the pre-show