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The_official_poster_of_survivor_series_2015This year’s Survivor Series is celebrating 25 years of when The Undertaker debuted in the WWE for the first time. So, for tonight’s match, you stick him in a match with Kane as they take on two members of The Wyatts. Whose it going to be Bray, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, or Erick Rowan? Of course, the WWE is in a desparate spot considering they lost their star in Seth Rollins, no John Cena, and Randy Orton is on the shelf.  The only real interesting thing to me tonight is of course who is the WWE going to crown WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Is it going to be Roman Reigns or Alberto Del Rio? Is it going to be Dean Ambrose or Kevin Owens? Those of course are your semifinal matches for the night and if they were smart the finals would be Reigns taking on Ambrose with either one being crowned champion. The other match to watch on the night is the Divas Title match as champion Charlotte Flair takes on Paige and hopefully Charlotte wins after the disgusting comments Paige made. Here are my predictions:

The Brothers Of Destruction defeat Bray and Braun

Charlotte defeats Paige

Tyler Breeze defeats Dolph Ziggler

Roman Reigns defeats Alberto Del Rio

Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns defeats Dean Ambrose (Immediately following the match Sheamus cashes in his MITB contract).