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TLC_2015_official_posterI don’t know about you, but WWE TLC 2015 may be one of the worst pay per views of the year. The vent takes place at The TD Garden in Boston, MA and let’s see who will not be there: Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Cesaro, and supposedly no John Cena as well. The company is left with a roster that just isn’t good enough to make a Pay Per View work (in my opinion at least). The PPV can be called decent at the most, but just what in the hell is the company thinking with some of the matches. We have a Survivor Series match at a follow up PPV, we have Ryback taking on Rusev in an uninteresting match, and Jack Swagger taking on an opponent that would have made sense a couple of years back when the match would have mattered. I am a huge fan of Alberto Del Rio, but this match just isn’t prevalent anymore and you know Swagger is not becoming US Champ. Charlotte taking on Paige should be decent, but where is Becky Lynch and how about Boston’s own Sasha Banks? The New Day is the hottest thing going as heels and I am super pumped for the ladder match with The USOS and The Lucha Dragons. Hopefully it can muster up some memories of the legendary ladder matches The Dudley Boys had with The Hardy Boys and Edge/Christian. I am also looking forward to the match between Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens who takes on Dean Ambrose. This could be a match of the night contender in my opinion unless Cena returns, screws Reigns, turns heel. That last statement is the only thing that would make me excited to see with the main event between WWE World Champion Sheamus and Roman Reigns. Here are my predictions for the night:

Alberto Del Rio defeats Jack Swagger

Charlotte defeats Paige

The ECW Originals defeat The Wyatts

The New Day retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Rusev defeats Ryback

Roman Reigns defeats Sheamus

Kevin Owens defeats Dean Ambrose