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TLC_2015_official_posterThere are a few instances in my predictions that I actually do not mind being wrong. For example, when Dean Ambrose pins Kevin Owens to become the WWE Intercontinental Champion or when The Wyatts actually defeat the ECW Originals. Those are the few occasions when I do not mind being wrong as the WWE came to the TD Garden in Boston, MA for WWE TLC 2015. Overall in the night, I finished with a 4-3 record which is a step down from where I was last month with Survivor Series, but as I stated before, I’m not too worried about it. After all, right now I am here to critique a PPV that otherwise looked lackluster from just reading the card for the night. The duds of the night were of course the Rusev/Ryback match, Del Rio/Swagger which was a step up from the 1st one listed), and a few surprises that shouldn’t have been.

brayThe Charlotte/Paige Divas Championship match should have been better than the 1ST match, but it was obvious from the moment Charlotte began to adopt her fathers ways of being in the ring that it wasn’t going to end as a good match. It had potential to be a good match and Paige should’ve won, but that just leaves possibilities for others to step in. The Wyatts/ECW Originals match had a very bogus ending to it and it was in the form of Braun Strowman getting the last elimination of the night for the win. I was happy The Wyatts won, but it should’ve been either Bray or Luke with the last elimination. The last match I had a problem with was the end of the Roman Reigns/Sheamus WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. The League Of Nations comes out and they spoil the match by helping Sheamus ultimately win the match which means we have to continue to deal with Sheamus as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What made up for it was the fact that Reigns took it to Triple H by pulverizing him on the outside.

deanNow let’s talk about the positives of the night cause there were a few of those. I want to first send out a big shout out to Boston’s own Sasha Banks and her opponent Becky Lynch for putting on one heck of a Women’s Wrestling match during the pre-show. Notice how I called it a women’s wrestling match! I also want to congratulate tonight’s match of the night honors which go to The New Day for their Ladder match against The USOS and The Lucha Dragons. These guys set the tone for the whole night and they set the bar very high. I also want to congratulate Dean Ambrose for picking up the win (his match with Owens is a close 2nd) and I want to congratulate Owens on being the troll of the night for his comments before the match started. All of those matches are examples of what the WWE needs to pay attention to more because they gave it their all the whole night. Despite half of the card either being OK or just complete crap, it was a fun experience just to be there enjoying the atmosphere. Although, I am giving the PPV a C- for a final grade. Here are the results:

Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch

Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens

Charlotte defeated Paige

Rusev defeated Ryback

Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger

The Wyatts defeated The ECW Originals

The New Day defeated The USOS and The Lucha Dragons

Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns