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WWE_Royal_Rumble_2016_2nd_Promotional_Poster.jpegTonight is one of the big pay per views of the WWE because it’s the first pay per view in the kickoff to Wrestlemania 32. The WWE is down a bunch of it’s top superstars, but that doesn’t shake up the company much as they roll into the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight. Roman Reigns is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion coming into this pay per vieew, but something tells me he is not coming out that way. There are just way too many possibilities heading into the rumble match where Reigns for the first time in WWE History is defending the title against 29 other superstars in the Rumble match. The WWE has told you who the 13 participants are that are in, but they haven’t revealed the rest and there is a lot of speculation as to who it’s going to be. AJ Styles is a rumor for the rumble and I would love to see that happen, but who knows what the WWE is thinking going into tonight. I am hoping for some surprise returns because I look forward to those as always. There is a fatal four way match on the preshow that pins The Ascension against Darren Young and Damien Sandow, The Dudley Boys, and Mark Henry & Jack Swagger with the winning team get two spots in the rumble. One of the matches I am looking forward to besides the rumble match is the Intercontinental Title match between champion Dean Ambrose and challenger Kevin Owens. This once again has the potential to be the match of the night. My sleeper match right now would belong to Kalisto taking on United States Champion Alberto Del Rio only because we’ve seen this match twice already. For the rest of the matches and my predictions, take a look below:

Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens

Charlotte defeats Becky Lynch

Darren Young and Damien Sandow win the fatal four way match

Alberto Del Rio defeats Kalisto

The USOS defeat The New Day

Triple H enters at number 30 and eliminates Roman Reigns to become WWE World Heavyweight champion making the rematch at WrestleMania 32.