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royal rumbleI told everyone in my predictions article earlier that Triple H was going to come in at number 30 and he was going to eliminate Roman Reigns. The WWE for the third straight year has been predictable when it comes to who will win the Royal Rumble match. Thus, it will set up the following match at WrestleMania 32, Triple H defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Roman Reigns. You can count on that and it’s kind of sad in my opinion. The one entrant that I was geeking out over was the debut of AJ Styles and he made an impact right from the get go and I couldn’t have been happier. We can look forward to some awesome matches with him in the future. I was also happy to see the return of Sami Zayn who is the future of the company. The Dean Ambrose/Kevin Owens fight was exactly as I predicted it, the match of the night. Those guys pulled out all the stops and gave fans exactly what they wanted from the time the bell rang. The Divas Title match I would put as a close second with only the WWE Tag Team Match shortly behind that and the worst match of the night award goes to the Kalisto/Alberto Del Rio match. Overall on the night, I finished 3-3 with a bonus for picking the right spot the winner would enter. I am going to give the Pay Per View an B+ for a final grade overall only because of my disagreement over how they handled some of the talent for the rumble match. Here are the results:

Jack Swagger and Mark Henry win the fatal four way match

Dean Ambrose defeats Kevin Owens

The New Day defeats The USOS

Kalisto defeats Alberto Del Rio

Charlotte defeats Becky Lynch

Triple H enters at number 30 and wins the royal rumble match

rumble match