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IMG_4815Whether he is kicking ass on Broken Skull Ranch or kicking ass with his Podcast, there is no denying the impact that Stone Cold Steve Austin had on the wrestling business. He is a true icon of the sports entertainment business, a WWE Hall Of Famer, and still my favorite wrestler of all time. So, with that being said, today is a very special day for all wrestling fans out there because its March 16, 2016 or 3:16 officially making this Austin 3:16 Day. A day where you kick back, grab a cold one (as long as your are old enough), crack that son bitch open and enjoy some of the best moments that Stone Cold Steve Austin has to offer on the WWE Network with us. The setting is the 1998 King Of The Ring (when that was still a PPV) and Austin was taking on the big red machine Kane in a First Blood Match. Going into that match, every single one of us was wondering how in the hell was Stone Cold (the WWF Champion at the time) going to beat a man who wears a mask in a first blood match. We thought for sure that Austin was a goner, but we hoped for a miracle.

austinAustin started off the match attacking Kane and really giving it to the big man with hopes of busting him open early, but to no avail for a rattlesnake who wasn’t a 100% heading into the match (he had an staff infection in his elbow as JR called it). It wouldn’t be long though until Kane started to dominate the match, bring all he could to the Rattlesnake. Despite that, Austin never gave up and he always fought back. At one point in the match, the Hell In A Cell came down as someone was lowering it and believe me Kane used it to his advantage. They fought all over the arena once the cage started to rise from the ground. At one point in the match, Austin was giving it to Kane on the outside when Kane resorted to throwing Austin right into the referee to buy himself some time. As soon as Austin was really giving it to Kane, Mankind shows up and Austin has to focus his effort on him giving Kane a chance to regain his composure. Then The Undertaker came to ringside with a chair and as soon as he went to hit Mankind with it, Mankind ducked and The Undertaker hit Austin subsequently busting him open. Austin was still fighting back, but as soon as the referee got up, he called the match and Kane was your new WWF Champion. Don’t fret though because the very next night on Raw, Austin whipped Kane’s ass and won the WWF title back.