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WWE_Payback_(2016)_poster.jpegThe sad thing about this PPV is that I didn’t even realize that it was Today until a couple of days ago when I was watching Smackdown. The question I have is that am I supposed to be excited for this pay per view with all the injuries that are still plaguing the WWE? We all know that AJ Styles is not walking out of this PPV with the World Heavyweight Championship. As badly as I would love to see that happen, the WWE is not going to dethrone Roman Reigns yet. The only thing I can hope for is an exciting match between the two. We also know that Charlotte is not losing the title to Natayla as much as I would love to see that. So, what is there really to look forward to when it all becomes too predictable? I guess just a night to see all the NXT talent that is now on the main roster like Baron Corbin who takes on Dolph Ziggler and how about Enzo and Cass who take on The Vaudevillains in the finals of the Tag Team number one contenders match. I guess I can get excited about Chris Jericho taking on Dean Ambrose, but Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn is going to be a hell of a lot better. Hey Bret Hart is going to be in the house which makes that a little exciting. Here’s to hoping that he takes out Ric Flair tonight. Oh and before I forget, here’s to hoping that Cesaro defeats The Miz allowing him the run he deserves. Here are my predictions:

Roman Reigns defeats AJ Styles

Charlotte defeats Natayla

Baron Corbin defeats Dolph Ziggler

Dean Ambrose defeats Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn

The Vaudevillains defeat Enzo and Cass

Cesaro defeats The Miz

Ryback defeats Kalisto