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extreme rulesLast night was the WWE’s annual no holds barred, no dq  pay per view WWE Extreme Rules even though we are still in the PG era. It was one of those pay per views that could have gone two ways with it being amazing even though it had predictable results or a disaster of a pay per view with a couple of stunning matches. I like to think that it was one of those PPV’s that was a little bit of both because I wasn’t completely disappointed with it, but it could have been better too. So as you can tell from the blog, I didn’t do a predictions post giving you guys who I thought was going to win the matches. I was running out of time and instead, I posted my predictions on Twitter which you can see below this from my own Twitter handle mrxpunchout:

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4So as you can see from my predictions above, I went 6-1 on the night and the reason it’s 6-1 and not 7-1 is that I didn’t know The USOS were going to do battle with The Club’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Not a bad night for me considering the fact that a fatal four way match can go four different ways. Now that the predictions thing is done, I want to talk about the night overall. I’m going to start by saying what I thought the match of the night was because it was a clear landslide winner and a serious contender for Match of the year and that was the Fatal Four Way match for the Intercontinental title. The match saw The Miz defy the odds as he defeated Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro to retain the title. I know how he retained the title was very honorable, but in matches like these you take the opportunities that are granted to you and shame on Sami Zayn. The match was just absolutely incredible that I felt bad for anyone who had to follow that match. I thought the Rusev vs Kalisto match was an insult to injury match as the WWE decided to stick this match on the main card after Ryback’s little tirade.

22The rest of the night was Ok, there really wasn’t anything too exciting and I was a little disappointed in the Asylum Match which was the match I was most looking forward to that night. I’m not saying that it was bad, it just didn’t completely live up to the hype and that was because of how many times Jericho tried to escape. The best part of that match came with the thumbtacks and that was towards the end. I felt bad for Roman Reigns though because the crowd was really rough on him the whole entire night, but what do you expect them to do when they are force-fed a champion they do not want or care for anymore. They all knew that AJ Styles wasn’t going to win the match, but it didn’t matter because the architect, the undisputed future returned and stole the show. I was so happy to see Seth Rollins return because it’s time for him to reclaim what is rightfully his in the first place. The worst match of the night award in my opinion goes to the Charlotte Flair vs Natalya match and I hate to say that, but it was just my least favorite of all of them. I am going to give the PPV an C+ for a final grade because I hate it when I am that good at predicting winners and I barely watch Raw.

Baron Corbin def Dolph Ziggler

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson def The USOS

Rusev def Kalisto

The New Day def The Vaudevillians

The Miz won the fatal four way match

Dean Ambrose def Chris Jericho

Charlotte def Natalya

Roman Reigns def AJ Styles