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1Whatever your thoughts may have been about the overall PPV, it doesn’t really matter because of the main event. The best match of the night award goes to the Money In The Bank Ladder Match and the show stealing moment of the night goes to Dean Ambrose. Most of the matches of the night were dull and uninteresting. The worst match of the night award is a tie between the Apollo Crews/Sheamus match and the Baron Corbin/Dolph Ziggler match. It was hard to choose a worst match because I could have given it to any of the matches on the card. That was kind of the shameful part of the night was that only three matches on the whole card were interesting or exciting. The Fatal Four way for the Tag team titles was an exciting match, but it was too easy to predict who the winners were going to be only because I feel the WWE wants to erase the fact that Paul London and Brian Kendrick are the longest reigning champs ever at 331 and The New Day currently sits at 302. As I said, The money in the bank ladder match delivered on it’s promise of excitement, but I was disappointed to find out that if they did have a seventh entrant to the match that it would have been Kalisto. The Championship match itself was kind of slow moving, but it seemed to  improve as the match went on and it was real exiting at the end. After Seth Rollins wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Dean Ambrose comes down and cashes in his newly won contract which is the second fastest cash in at 57 minutes. Then it came to me, all three Shield members held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the same night.

2As I said, the rest of the night was very un-entertaining to say the least and that is a dropped ball on the part of the WWE. They gave us matches that we just didn’t care about and it showed because they felt like filler matches. I would have rather seen Charlotte defend the woman’s championship then to participate in a tag team match. The John Cena vs AJ Styles match could have been a lot better than it was and it could have ended in a better fashion then it did. I mean that I was excited that AJ won the match, but it could have been a better way. As far as the predictions go, I finished the night 8-2 which is pretty good, but it says something about the PPV itself. I am going to give the PPV an C- for a final grade. Not a good way to start the summer for the WWE, here are the results:

Golden Truth def Breezango

The Lucha Dragons def The Dudley Boys

The New Day retain the Tag Team Titles

Baron Corbin def Dolph Ziggler

Rusev def Titus O’Neill

Charlotte and Dana Brook def Becky Lynch and Natalya

Apollo Crews def Sheamus

AJ Styles def John Cena

Dean Ambrose wins the Money In The Bank Briefcase

Seth Rollins def Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose def Seth Rollins