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lesnar vs ortonThis is a brand new thing that I am doing to prepare myself for a new challenge I am going to be promising to watch 365 matches in 365 days. That means that I am going to watch one match a day for 365 days from any promotion on the planet earth. That will be coming soon, but for now enjoy Main Event Madness where we break down any match from any promotion. I wanted to start with Brock Lesnar who for the first time was taking on the Viper Randy Orton. It was the first time that in their respective 15 year careers that they were battling in a WWE ring. We all know the stats that are between these guys and the accomplishments that they have achieved. The only criticism that I had was that this was a match that should have happened a long time ago. Nevertheless, it was Viperville vs Suplex City, The Apex Predator vs The Beast Incarnate, Randy Orton vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. The feeling going around was how was Randy Orton going to survive against a man who has hit 32 suplexs at Summerslam prior to this event. The idea that Randy could hit an RKO out of nowhere seemed to be his only saving grace heading into this one.

suplex 7You could feel the intensity in the air as both men made their entrances into the ring for the main event which by the way was the third year in a row that Lesnar was headlining Summerslam (John Cena in 2014, The Undertaker in 2015). The match started exactly the way you thought it was going to with Brock just absolutely dominating the match with his shoulder blocks to the gut and of course the suplexes. Any time Randy tried to initiate any offense, Brock was quick to stop it.  At one point in the match, Brock had hot Randy with seven suplexes before Randy finally striked back. Brock had already smashed Randy through the Smackdown live table, but as soon as he tried to do through the Raw table, Randy hit him with an RKO out of nowhere. Randy was able to muster a little bit of offense which included his patent DDT from the middle rope and a second RKO, but Brock would kick out of the ensuing pinfall try. Randy tried to become devious with the thought of punting Brock in the head, but as soon as he went for it he fell victim to an F5.

rko 1After an failed pin attempt, Brock was furious and he wanted to punish Randy at all costs as he ripped the gloves off. He began to just maliciously assault Randy Orton with some huge clubbing blows that ended up busting open the viper as he bled in the middle of the ring. The referee Mike Chioda immediately stopped the match and the doctor came in, but that didn’t stop Brock from continuing his assault, but eventually the referee would stop the match completely awarding Brock the win by TKO (Technical Knock Out). Brock would assault Randy Orton one more time in the ring before he set his sights on Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon. It leaves you wondering what is going to happen to Brock as a result of his actions, but more importantly what does it mean for Randy? I want to seriously believe that the rivalry has just begun. Let’s check out some stats and some pics below that from the match itself.

brock vs randy stats