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punk-2I wanted to start this article off by doing what no one else in the media world will do and that is I am going to give CM Punk nothing but respect for entering the octagon at UFC 203. CM Punk lost his very first fight ever in the MMA world by losing to Mickey Gall in a rear naked choke submission. Mickey Gall improved to 3-0 on the night while CM Punk has to bounce back from his loss. The outpouring of respect on Twitter from wrestlers all over the business was amazing from guys like Samoa Joe, Steve Corino, TJ Perkins, Corey Graves, Chavo Guerrero, Aldo Rose, Alberto Del Rio, Mick Foley, John Morrison, Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and so many more. The newest and most hated man in the WWE that’s not a member of the roster in Conor McGregor even gave his props to Punk saying to TMZ Sports, “fair play’ to Punk because he got his ass whooped, but he still got in there.” He also said that Punk was not a WWE P**sy as he had called the roster that last month. At the end of the day, Punk may have physically lost the match, but he won. He did something that everyone kept telling him that he couldn’t do and he did it.

punk-3Now after the fight, CM Punk said that he would come back, but Dana may have thrown a mixed message into the air. Dana said, “I wouldn’t know if it was an experiment. I became friends with him, he’s a nice guy and I have a lot of respect for him. He wanted me to give him a shot, I gave him a shot. He probably shouldn’t have his next fight in the UFC. Just like I said with Brock, having your first fight with the UFC is tough, and you see tonight, even if it’s up against a guy who’s 2-0, this is a tough place to learn.” I honestly do not know what this means for Punk, but I can not wait to see. I went to a local establishment to see the fight and the air was electrifying. There were plenty of people with CM Punk shirts there like myself, but yo couldn’t definitely feel the divide. It was the WWE vs the UFC last night and as fate would have it, the UFC won. Punk should take a page out of Brock’s book and strive to comeback because Brock would eventually go on to be a champion in the UFC.If there is anything to be learned from this, it’s that you do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because look at CM Punk. As far as my predictions were concerned, I went 2-3 on the night, but that didn’t really matter to me this time around.