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bound_for_glory_2016I don’t watch a lot of TNA Wrestling or at least as much as I would like to because then I would know a lot more of what was going on in the company. Anyways, it was actually a decent PPV for the most part, but the match of the night is going to go to The Great War which was The Broken Hardys who defeated The Decay in an epic match that featured barb-wired bats, barb-wired tables with thumb tacks on them, chairs, and so much more including smashing pumpkins. The night also gave us the debut of Cody and Brandi Rhodes even thought that was very brief, but still fun to see. My least favorite match of the night award goes to EC3 (Ethan Carter III) and Bobby Lashley who in my opinion wrestled in a very uneventful match. Bobby Lashley being world champion in TNA is mostly the problem because he’s not that exciting of a wrestler. He hits you with a couple of suplexes and spears and he calls it a day. In a no holds barred match, the first object he decides to pick up is his belt when there is tables, chairs, and just about anything else. It was nice to see Gail Kim get honored for what she has done for that company over the years and of course it was nice to see her win the Knockouts title for the sixth time.

1It was so weird seeing Awesome Kong there because she has changed so much since the last time I had seen her. It was also nice to see Taryn Terrell back in the Impact Zone and I wish her nothing but the best in her future. DJ Z and Trevor Lee kicked off the night in the right fashion delivering us a good solid match. The Bound For Gold Gauntlet match was interesting to say the least and it had some comedic moments to it. Congratulations by the way to Eli Drake for winning it. Here’s to hoping the company is around long enough for you to take advantage of it. Aron Rex proved why he is someone to watch in professional wrestling giving it all against one of my personal favorites in Eddie Edwards. I’m not 100% sold on Moose, but he did have a good match with Mike Bennett. Liker I said, it was a decent night of wrestling for TNA, but what does this mean moving forward for them? Are they going to be around? Or will the WWE buy them out and close them down? I went 3-4 on my predictions which sucks, but is fine with me. I am going to give this event an B- for a final grade even though the Lashley match stunk that bad.

DJ Z def Trevor Lee

Moose def Mike Bennett

Eli Drake won The Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match

Aron Rex def Eddie Edwards

Gail Kim def Maria

The Broken Hardys def The Deacy

Bobby Lashley def EC3