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wwe_no_mercy_2016_posterFor the first time since 2008, the WWE will hold No Mercy and for the first time since 2006 it is a Smackdown exclusive pay per view. WWE No Mercy comes to us live tonight from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California in what should be a pretty decent night of wrestling. The most talked about match of the night is the Career Vs Title match that sees The Miz once again put his Intercontinental Title on line against Dolph Ziggler, but this time if Dolph loses he has to leave the WWE for good. It’s a match that should have everyone glued to the television set because we are waiting to see what happens. Is this truly the end for Dolph or will he finally overcome the adversity and win the IC title. That should be your match of the night in my opinion, but the triple threat match could be an honest contender as well. The Triple Threat match for the WWE World Championship sees AJ Styles put his title on the line against Dean Ambrose and John Cena. I know Smackdown Live has been hyping up the fact that Cena will look to tie Ric Flair’s record setting 16 time reign, but I have to agree with AJ Styles. On this past week’s Smackdown he said, “How dare you compare yourself to an Icon, a legend like Ric Flair. I don’t care how many championships you’ve won. You’ll never be in the same conversation as Ric Flair.” That is exactly how I feel about that situation.

sdtagteamtitlematchThe rest of the night features some matches that could be pretty decent to watch like Baron Corbin taking on Jack Swagger, Randy Orton taking on Bray Wyatt, or even WWE Tag Champions Rhyno and Heath Slater (Beauty and the Man-Beast) taking on The USOS. I feel like something could possibly happen in the tag team match that we are not going to or want to expect. I am looking forward to Curt Hawkins stepping back in the ring after his Chuck Norris Facts promos he’s been cutting, but you know he’ll win his match. The one match I am not looking forward to is the Nikki Bella/Carmella match because I am not sold whatsoever on Carmella. I think she’s awful, but what can you do about it since it was announced that Becky Lynch had a legitimate injury. I just want to add that I think the rumors are true and that we should finally see either Sister Abigail or Luke Harper tonight during the Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton match. Here are my predictions for the night:

Baron Corbin over Jack Swagger

The USOS over Rhyno/Heath Slater

Bray Wyatt over Randy Orton

Curt Hawkins over TBD

Nikki Bella over Carmella

Dolph Ziggler over The Miz

AJ Styles over Dean Ambrose and John Cena