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tournament-logoEvery year since 2011, I have awarded a wrestler from any of the companies the Wrestler Of The Year Award. CM Punk was the winner of the first two followed by Daniel Bryan winning two in a row, and Seth Rollins was last year’s winner. The WWE has had the stranglehold on the award for sometime beating out any competition from TNA and Ring Of Honor. So since there is so many wrestlers that I would love to include on the ballot for all of you to vote on, I am going to hold a tournament to determine seven spots at the end of the year for all of you to vote on. Don’t fear, we will also be giving out the Female Wrestler Of The Year Award and the new Tag Team Of The Year Award as well. The way it’s going to work is that they are going to broken down into groups and then placed into brackets. When wrestlers are placed into brackets, some will end when it gets to the semifinals while other brackets will have a final. Let me explain a little more for you.

The WWE is going to have four spots in the voting since it’s the biggest company in the world and it will have two brackets. When it gets to the semifinals in both brackets, it ends there and we will have the four spots for the company. TNA is going to have two spots so there bracket will end the same way. There’s is a little different because the TNA world champion and the X Division champion will have a bye week like they do in the NFL. Ring of Honor gets one spot in the tournament and they will be grouped with various other independent wrestlers as well and they have a final. The WWE tournament will be the first one to go, followed by TNA and then Ring Of Honor to close it out. It is up to you guys to decide who the seven spots will belong to so make the right choices and do not blame me if you’re favorite wrestler doesn’t make the cut. I will have the brackets for you guys very soon and from there you’ll be able to vote. So stay tuned here for the list of wrestlers as well.