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tournament-logo-copySo it is that time of the week again, but this one is a little different than the Indy bracket and we will explain. The TNA bracket comes down to the final two wrestlers moving on because they get two spots in the final Wrestler of the year category that all of you will vote on again. So, we started with eight and now we are down to four left and only two get to move on so you have to make your decisions wisely. The first round seemed almost like a no brainer as to who should move on, but now it’s going to get tougher because two will go home empty handed. In one match we have the awesome Broken Matt Hardy who deleted Eddie Edwards taking on EC3 (Ethan Carter III) who made short work of DJ Z. Int he last match of the bracket, we have Broken Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) who also deleted his opponent in Mike Bennett taking on Bobby Lashley who laid waste to Braxton Sutter. Who are you going to vote for and who gets to compete with the indy wrestlers and the WWE wrestlers next year? Only you can decide that and you have until Friday to do so.