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tournament-logo-copyAfter two rounds, we are getting closer to the point where we find out exactly who is competing for Wrestler Of The Year. We had some interesting and tough matches for you guys to choose from or at least matches we thought would be tough. One match that was a complete blowout from the first bracket featured Adam Cole who took on Will Ospreay. Now the way the first round went, I thought this would be a close match, but Adam Cole never gave him a chance. The other match in the first bracket featured Kazuchika Okada taking on the technical wizard Zack Sabre Jr. Now I thought this one was going to be super close due to how great of a year both of them had, but Zack could only secure a vote meaning that Okada moves on to the finals. In the other bracket, we had a little of the same, but there was one match that was close. “The Villain” Marty Scurll went head to head with Yijiro Kushida in one of the closet battles of the whole tournament. At first it looked like Scurll had this in the bag, but then Kushida came back strong, but not enough to put him away as Scurll walked away with the win. Kenny Omega was in the other match with Kyle O’Reilly, but Omega pitched the shut out and means he moves on to the finals. So, with that being said, Let’s check out the brackets for the finals below and be on the lookout for the chance to vote on them coming soon.