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tournament-logo-copyWith already one bracket  in the books, it was time to settle another bracket while we wait for the big one. We gave you two brackets full of the best in the Indy scene and you narrowed them all the way to four wrestlers who will take two spots in The Wrestler Of The Year category. In one match, you had Bullet Club member Adam Cole take on the Japanese sensation Kazuchika Okada while Kenny Omega took on The Villain Marty Scurll in another match. The Cole/Okada match came all the way down to the wire as both competitors went back and forth with lead changes, but in the end you voted and Cole took the one by a vote. The other match was a stalemate at first with both Scurll and Omega tied, but then there was a huge burst of votes and Omega took the one by winning 71% of the vote when it was all said and done. So, what this basically means is that The Bullet Club claimed the Indies with both Cole and Omega in the final category as they join Broken Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley from TNA. Voting for the wrestler of the year will come in 2017, so be on the lookout for that when it comes.