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hqdefaultI am not really sure what I am exactly doing with this challenge of sorts, but I am just seeing where it goes cause I just spent the last 366 days watching a film a day. So, I am not calling it 365 matches in 365 days, but rather Main Event Madness. The first match that I chose for today was the second installment in the Cody Rhodes/Kurt Angle saga which took place at SilverBlades Ice Rink Altrincham in Altrincham, England for WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) True Legacy 8. Cody who had the balls to leave a job that he could have had for life made a list and initiated that list by wrestling Angle in New York. He got the win over Angle the first time after hitting the cross Rhodes, but now he wanted revenge. Both competitors came out to ring receiving standing ovations from the crowd at hand and when the match started, Angle had gotten the best of Cody in the beginning.

angleAfter regaining his composure, Cody stopped to perform a cart wheel in the ring and challenged Angle to do one. After Angle obliged and did one, they made the referee do one in the ring to which he pulled it off. After the bit of fun, they got serious and things became serious when Cody tweaked his ankle doing a leap frog over Angle. Like any true veteran of the ring, Angle took advantage of the injury and he brought it to Cody stomping on his ankle any chance he had. Anytime, Cody would try to take the advantage in the match, Angle was there to cut him off with some German suplexes. What ensued next was a challenge of finishers and what I mean by that is we see Cody hit the disaster kick first, but Angle kicks out. Kurt hits the Olympic slam, but Cody kicks out of that. Cody hits the cross Rhodes (which finished off Angle in the first match), but Angle kicks out. Angle will then try to lock in the ankle lock, but Cody is too good and he gets out of it. He then proceeds to try and hit the cross Rhodes again, but Angle counters into another ankle lock. This time around, Cody was not so lucky as he tapped out to give Angle the win and even up the series. I am going to give the match a B+ because it was fun, it had it’s spots, but it’s not match of the year. We’ll see if we ever get Rhodes/Angle 3!