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aaaFor today’s Main Event Madness match, I was missing a certain Mexican Aristocrat by the name of Alberto Del Rio. I thought of him today because his name came up in wrestling news when it was discovered that he proposed to WWE women’s wrestler Paige.  So, I figured I would watch a match featuring Del Rio and I chose his AAA championship match when he was going by the name of El Patron Alberto. After originally leaving the WWE in 2014, he ventured to Mexico and challenged AAA Mega Champion El Texano Jr. at Guerra de Titanes (War Of The Titans) which resonated from Auditorio Benito Juarez in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico back in December of 2014. El Patron had El Mesias in his corner while Texano had El Hijo del Perro Aguayo and someone else as well, but I’ll explain later on. The match started off with Alberto getting some good shots in on Texano, but Perro Aguayo would prove himself worthy right away.

aaa-2As soon as he had a chance to interfere, he would do so and it seemed like the referee would never see it or was distracted by a concerned El Mesias. El Texano Jr. would use everything he could get his hands on including a bull whip which he used on Alberto plenty of times. At one point in the match, instead of going after Texano, Alberto would b-line to Perro Aguayo, but Texano would get to him right away to stop him from any further damage while Perro busts Alberto open with a clear chair shot to the head. After taking a beating for a while, Alberto would make  comeback as soon as he would go to pin Texano, the referee showed his allegiance by giving Alberto a slow count. Frustrated at the way the match was going, Alberto lines up and superkicks the referee, but that gave Texano enough time to get a foreign object from Perro Aguayo. Texano would then proceed to put Alberto through the table and when a new referee came down, he would go for the pin, but Alberto kicked out. Perro Aguayo would show his frustration over the match as he entered the ring, but that gave El Mesias the chance to save Alberto as he attacked Perro forcing him out of the picture. That gave Alberto enough time to slap on the cross arm breaker forcing Texano to tap out making El Patron Alberto the new AAA Mega Championship winner. The match was your typical AAA match where one referee shows what side of the fence he is on while it goes back and forth very quickly. I am going to give the match an B for a final grade.