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asuka-vs-mickie-jamesFor today’s Main Event Madness match, we are backtracking all the way back to November for NXT TakeOver: Toronto for a match that in my opinion was one worth checking out. For six years, Mickie James had been in TNA while the women’s division in the WWE devolved before it evolved into what it is today. Asuka is a superstar who had been untouchable and undefeated in NXT and was the women’s champion. She dominated the division to the point that it almost seemed like there was no more competition left in the division. That is until the WWE brought back one of it’s legends in former five time women’s champion Mickie James for what we thought was a one night only match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. The question going into the match was how rusty was Mickie James going to be or did she still have it in her? She definitely convinced Asuka that she wasn’t going to play mind games with her as she gained the first advantage in the match sending Asuka to the outside with a sliding dropkick.

mickieThey continued the mind games with hammerlocks, head scissors, and then finally Asuka hitting Mickie James out of the ring with a hip attack. They were testing the waters against each other and who could get in whose head the most. After a little bit of a tussle on the outside of the ring, Asuka was able to gain control of the match when she placed Mickie into an ankle lock and then proceeded to deliver a German suplex. That changed the complexity of the match, but after taking some devastating kicks to the chest, she was able to counter and place Asuka into the Muta lock. After grabbing the rope forcing the break, Mickie James brought her a game to Asuka almost pinning the champion after seated senton from the top rope. After surviving the Mick kick and countering the Mickie-DT, she was able to wrestle her way into locking the chicken wing and Asuka forced Mickie to tap out as she retained her title in an excellent match. This was truly an amazing match as both competitors told an amazing story of who was the baddest chick on the planet. I am goign to give the match an A for a final grade.

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