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okada-vs-omegaWhen it came time to decide what match I wanted to watch for today, it was quite simply the easiest answer of all especially after a tweet I read. Earlier today, New Japan Pro Wrestling held their WrestleMania in the form of Wrestle Kingdom 11 and the main event featured IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada defending his title against Bullet Club member and a finalist for Wrestler Of The Year Kenny Omega inside of the Tokyo Dome in Japan. I chose this match after reading a tweet from Joey Ryan who basically called it Match Of The Year for 2017 and we are only four days in. The night started out with Kenny Omega having a Terminator style video open up his entrance before he came down to the ring, but you could see the electricity in the building when the two were in the center of the ring. The match started with the two testing each other out with hammerlocks, but Kenny would take the first advantage of the match with some hair pulling. He was continuing to get in Okada’s head with more hair pulling and even showed some disrespect with a spit to the face.

omegaThat would only anger Okada int he long run who began giving it to Omega that included a DDT with Omega’s legs on top of the barricade and his head hitting the floor and then he hits a cross body on Omega who is now over the railing and on the other side. He would continue to deliver some punishment to Omega, but a clip to the knee of Okada would give Omega a break and the much needed advantage in the match. The worst thing that Okada could do is allow Omega to dictate the match and he was allowing him to do so as Omega attacked the back of Okada. At one point, I thought that Omega was going to win the match after a missile drop kick to the back of Okada, but Okada has great ring awareness as he grabs the rope to halt the count. Okada would not stay down for Omega as he mounted a comeback that included a devastating move called Heavy Rain which is fireman’s carry neckbreaker slam, but Omega held on kicking out of the pin attempt.

omega-2Then out of nowhere minutes later in the match came the first holy S*** moment of the match courtesy of Omega. Omega had delivered a sliding dropkick to the back of the head of Okada who was on the outside recovering after taking knees to the midsection. So he lands right in front of the Japanese broadcasters and Omega does a springboard moonsault  off the ropes, over the guard rail, and on top of Okada. It was absolutely awesome cause he had to be four or five feet away from the ring. As soon as I am done thinking how in the world is Okada going to get up from that, there is another holy s*** moment. Okada is stumbling at this point as he manages to get himself on the right side of the guard rail. He goes under a table and then Omega out of nowhere lauches himself with a double foot stomp on top of the table.

okadaOkada was hurt and Omega, ever the opportunist, knew that and started his all out assault that included two power-bombs, and elbows and knees to the back, but Okada would not stay down as he kicked out of every pin attempt. After going back and forth delivering punishing blows to each other, we got our third holy s*** moment of the match when Okada who backbody dropped Omega over the top rope and into a table that The Young Bucks had set up earlier in the match. The complexity of the match changed after that as both men were battered and beat up, but both refused to quit no matter what was thrown at them. Both men were throwing every thing they could at each other towards the end like Okada hitting Omega with a tombstone and then he follows it up with the rainmaker, but Omega kicks out. Kenny would then hit Okada with every thing he had from several knee strikes, but every time he would attempt the one winged angel, Okada would counter. At the end, he would counter it by hitting a tombstone and then he nailed Omega with one final Rainmaker to retain the title. After 46 plus minuted, Okada came out on top. This is definitely one of the best matches I have seen in a while. I am giving the match an A+ for a final grade.