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diy-vs-tm61NXT has had to be one of the best ideas that Triple H and the WWE have had in a long time because it quite simply is amazing. We have seen some of the most amazing talent in Indy wrestling come through the doors and I have two great examples of those right here for all of you out there. DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa ) are the current NXT tag team champions and deservedly so after the war they went through with The Revival. During their stop at NXT Melbourne, the tag champs put their belts on the line against Australia’s own TM-61 (The Mighty Don’t Kneel) which is made up of Shane Thorne and Nick Miller. Both teams in the beginning were feeling each other out, but TM-61 was quick to take the early advantage against Gargano. It wouldn’t be long though before Gargano would create some separation that would allow him to tag in Ciampa, but they quickly lost it back. TM-61 seemed to have a new attitude about them in the ring which was working, but the team got to fancy at times and DIY took advantage of it.

tm61After bring the pain to Shane Thorpe, Thorpe was able to create some separation to tag in the fresh Nick Miller who battled through Ciampa and Gargano by bringing the boom. At one point in the match, Thorne put Ciampa on the top turnbuckle, got on Miller’s shoulders, and he suplexed Ciampa, but sacrificed himself for the move. He took so much punishment from the move that Miller had to put Thorne on top of Ciampa. Just as you thought this was it,  Gargano comes to the rescue and throws Miller right into Thorne to break the count and save the championships. To top what they did, Ciampa hits Miller with a spinning forearm and then proceeds to hit him with a devastating Powerbomb into a knee backbreaker of sorts. Now you’re thinking that this has to be it, but nope here comes Miller to the rescue. After laying on the mat almost lifeless both men would tag in their partners and Gargano and Miller had an elbow/forearm to the face fight, but when it was all said and done, Gargano would tag in Ciampa and they would hit Miller with a meeting in the middle and the win as they retained their tag team titles. They might not have been the fan favorites during the match, but they put on a heck of a title defense against TM-61 who also deserve kudos. It was a really good match between two top teams. I am going to give the match an B+ for a final grade.