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cassanova-vs-marsegliaIt wasn’t until late 2016 that I found myself have a new profound love for Independent wrestling and it’s all thanks to an Indy Wrestling organization out of West Warwick, Rhode Island. Of course I am talking about Xtreme Wrestling Alliance a.k.a. XWA who every Thursday throw on one hell of a show for five dollars called Thursday Night Throwdown. It’s the chance to see the stars of the future like TK O’Ryan, Rudeboy Riley, Mike Bennett, David Starr, and the focus of today’s Main Event Madness Vinny Marseglia and Christian Casanova. The company is throwing their annual Xtreme Rumble event on January 20TH and it features a 30-man over the top battle royal. Now Christian Casanova and Vinny Marseglia are both entered into the rumble match, but there was a perfectly good explanation as to why the two were meeting before then. It was determined that the winner of the match would have the luxury of entering the rumble at number 30 while the loser must start the rumble at one. Of course, Vinny, who is one third of the Kingdom, was not happy at all that he had to compete for the 30 spot, but he was ready to go nonetheless.

img_7076Both competitors in the beginning of the match were trying to get a feel for each other to see who would get the upper hand, but the more experienced and wiser Marseglia would take control of the match by playing mind games with Casanova. He would use the fact that he was catching his breath on the outside of the ring to lure Casanova and it worked because Vinny brought the pain. He was methodical as he picked apart Casanova who every time he tried to create separation would be cut off right away by Marseglia. At one point in the match you could tell that Vinny was starting to get too cocky with the crafty and fast Casanova because he started to showboat by trying to dance which allowed Casanova the time to regain his composure. Casanova began bringing it to Marseglia with some nice kicks and a nice around the world DDT that temporarily stunned Vinny. At one point, Casanova  picked up his fedora and he went to the top to deliver his patent fedora frog splash, but when he went to land it, Vinny put his knees up. You could tell Vinny had enough and when he went to finish him, Casanova counters, rolls him up, and gets the 1-2-3 for the win meaning Casanova now enters the Rumble at 30 while Vinny enters at number one. A great match and a great way to end an amazing night of wrestling. Do yourselves a favor and support Indy Wrestling. The match gets an A- for a final grade.