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one-night-onlyOne of the break out stories of the latter part of 2016 in TNA was Wolves member Eddie Edwards who was forced to be a singles wrestler after the injury his partner Davey Richards suffered. In October of 2016, Eddie did what seemed to be the impossible when he defeated then champion Bobby Lashley and he hasn’t looked back since then. Ethan Carter III had a decent 2016, but the one thing that has been avoiding him is the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and at TNA’s first pay per view of 2017 One Night Only, he was challenging Edwards for the title. As both men made it to the ring, were announced and about to start, a special guest made his way out to the stage in the form of former champ Bobby Lashley. Lashley who could be the next in line for a shot at the title wanted a up close look at the match as he parked it in a chair. As the match started, both competitors were trying to get a feel of each other to see who would take the first advantage and after going back and forth, EC3 would take the first opportunity with a vicious elbow to Edwards.

ec3For Carter to win the match, he had to be use his power skills against Edwards speed and agility and he was doing that pretty well with some dropkicks (to which he coins a new term Dropkick City Bi***) and a vertical suplex on the outside of the ring. As soon as EC3 felt he was int eh groove, a temporary distraction from Lashley gave Edwards the time to regroup and slam Carter on the edge of the ring. Like any true veteran of the ring, he began working on the back of EC3 to wear him down, but despite all of this Carter never stopped trying. But at this point, Lashley had made his way to the ring apron and you had to wonder what his attentions were and would he be a distraction like Impact On Pop live the night before. After several exchanges, the two began throwing their haymakers at each other as Edwards nailed Carter with the Chin Checker, but Carter kicked out. As he went to hit the Boston Knee Party, Lashley grabbed his foot to distract him and the referee. Brian Hebner then went to the outside to argue with Lashley, but both would be knocked out after Edwards launched himself at them from the inside of the ring like a missile.

eddieAs soon as Edwards made his way back into the ring, he was met with a one percenter, but unfortunately for Carter, the referee incapacitated at the moment. Frustrated that the referee was down, he placed Edwards on the top turnbuckle and proceeded to hit him with the TK3, but as soon as he did, Lashley entered the ring. Lashley had a chair in his hand and was telling Carter to take it because it deserved to be those two in a championship match and not Edwards. Carter refused to use the chair and proceeded to throw it out of the ring which upset Lashley who in turn spears him. Lashley goes back to the outside to retrieve the chair to obviously do more damage, but before he could hit Carter with it again, Davey Richards made his way down to ringside and stole the chair. As soon as he tried to use it against Lashley, Lashley ducks out of the way and Richards hits Carter right in the back with it. Richards proceeds to chase Lashley out of the ring and Edwards gets back to his feet only to hit Carter with the Boston Knee Party and the 1-2-3 to retain the championship. Only if Mr. Anything Is Possible knew what had transpired in the ring when he was down. A decent main event, but you have to beat out Omega/Okada as they set the tone for the year. I am going to give the match an B- for a final grade.