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rude-vs-b-wareRumor has it that the one and only Ravishing Rick Rude, one of my favorite heels whose career was cut short and later passed away, is being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the class of 2017. The only thing is that it is still a rumor at this point, but I hope that it is true. To help celebrate the rumor, I decided to review a match from Rick’s career and I chose one that he fought at Wrestling Challenge on the May 15, 1988 episode when he fought the Birdman of the WWE Koko B Ware. As usual once he was done flaunting his body to all the women in the audience, it was time for some action, but when the match got started, Rick Rude took the first advantage with some hammering blows to the back of Koko. He was relentless in his attack with the snap suplexes and just his overall awareness of where he was as he used the ring as a weapon as well. Koko was able to create a little separation between himself and Rude, but it literally didn’t last long and Rude would hit him with the Rude Awakening to end the match quickly. In 1988, there was no stopping the man known as Ravishing Rick Rude and he was definitely one of the best of all time. Don’t worry you’ll see more matched with the Ravishing one on the blog soon enough.


Rude hitting the Rude Awakening