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xwa062114For today’s Main Event Madness match, we are going back in time to XWA Aftermath which took place in June of 2014 at The West Warwick Civic Center in West Warwick, RI. The match saw one half of the CZW Tag Team Champs (at the time with David Starr) in “The Juice” JT Dunn taking on one half of the Ring Of Honor tag champs (at the time with reDRagon) in Bobby Fish. The match was promising to be a very good one as both men have some technical wrestling abilities so it was a case of who would make the first mistake to allow the other to take advantage. Both men were throwing everything at each other in the beginning of the match from chin locks to armbars, and everything in between to see who was the better man. It looked at first like Bobby Fish was going to get the best of the tests of strengths, but JT Dunn shocked him with a series of arm drags and a couple of hurricanranas that sent Fish to the outside, but it would be long before Dunn launched himself like a missile to the outside nailing Fish against the security barricade.

jtDunn continued to punish Fish on the outside of the ring that included some chops and a big boot to the face that incapacitated Fish for sure. Dunn continued to punish Fish inside of the ring, but no matter what he tried, he couldn’t get the pinfall. At one point, Fish thought he was going to outsmart Dunn by rolling to the outside, but Dunn was too smart for that and continued to bring the pain. Fish would get his opportunity though when he cut the legs from under Dunn who was attempting to springboard in the corner and Fish went right to work on Dunn’s knee that came crashing awkwardly. No matter what Dunn tried to do, Fish was on top of him with punishing kicks to the chest and being relentless bring punishment to Dunn’s injured knee. Then out of nowhere after both men were throwing haymakers at each other, Dunn was able to create a moment to regroup after nailing Fish with an RKO of sorts. After hitting sliced bread and another punishing maneuver, JT couldn’t put Fish away for good. JT tried to end the match with the death by elbow, but Fish would block it. Fish would then try to finish the match himself by hitting Dunn with an exploder suplex, but Dunn would kick out. At one point in the match, Fish would go for a spin kick, but Dunn saw it coming, ducked, and then hit Fish with the death by elbow and proceeded to pin him for the 1-2-3. What a match between the two who had something to prove. I loved the match and this is why I love Indy wrestling. I am going to give the match an A- for a final grade.