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gordy-vs-khanToday’s match up for Main Event Madness came about in a very curious way and it came about thanks to the WWE Encyclopedia. My friends and I, were looking through the book when we saw Jesse (Ray Gordy) and Festus (Luke Gallows) and seeing Ray Gordy reminded me of his father, the late and great Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy. I immediately scoured the internet to find some of his more interesting match ups and stumbled upon WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling or Texas Wrestling) Star Wars 1984. It was November 22, 1984 in the revered Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas when Gordy took on the infamous 6 foot 5 inch Killer Khan in a Texas Death Match with Kerry Von Erich as the special guest referee. For those of you wondering what a Texas Death Match is, it’s basically a last man standing match, but first you get pinned and then your opponent has to stay down for the count of 10 as well. You could tell right even before the bell rang that this match was not going to be pretty at all as both men were looking to tear each other apart.

khanThings were getting pretty ugly from the get go as there was a lot of biting, haymakers, ad elbows being thrown around during the match from the both of them. The first turning point of the match came courtesy of Killer Khan who threw Terry Gordy to the outside and then busted him open by throwing him against the steel post. After some more biting and clobbering blows, Khan was able to secure the first pin of the match, but would Gordy stay down. After a 30 second mandatory break in between, Von Erich would start the count and as soon as he hit eight, Gordy was back on his feet and Khan continued the mayhem, but it wouldn’t last for long. Gordy started to deliver his own brand of punishment with the blood pouring down his profusely. After Gordy returned the favor of smashing Khan’s head into the corner post, Khan was busted open on the outside with General Akbar looking on in horror.

gordyAs soon as Khan was back in the ring, Gordy would throw to the ropes and hit him with a clothesline and follow it up with a piledriver. After he would score the second pin of the match and now Khan had 30 seconds to regroup with another 10 to get up to continue. Khan would barely make the ten count as he got to his feet at about 9 1/2 seconds. I have to say Khan looked the worse for wear as it seemed like the back of his head was busted open too. After the continued brutality, Gordy was able to get a second pinfall of his own after slapping on the Oriental Spike on Khan. During the count, Khan was not getting to his feet and just as Von Erich was able to reach the 10 count, General Akbar came in to the ring and distracted Von Erich who was beating the life out of him. Then out of nowhere, The Missing Link came down and he began attacking Gordy and Von Erich. After Von Erich and Gordy were able to get The Missing Link out of the ring, Von Erich grabbed the microphone and declared Terry Gordy the winner of the match. This was just a bloody and brutal match from beginning to end and I loved it. I am going to give the match an B+ for a final grade. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.