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ryanI realized to myself going this far in Main Event Madness that I had not yet covered a Lucha Underground match. Lucha Underground for those of you that don’t know is like a Mexican/American co-produced novella with wrestling included. I say Novella because it sounds more ethnic and it’s a lot different than the wrestling we get in America with the soap opera included. The show is currently on it’s third season and we covered a match from episode 19 and the match we chose features Texano taking on the sleaziest wrestler around in Joey Ryan, the king of Dong Style. You could tell from the beginning that Texano didn’t know what to make of Joey Ryan especially after he placed the lollipop in his trunks, but the match would start and Texano called him out. Joey tried to use his shoulder to put down Texano, but to no avail the man would not go down. After several attempts, Texano would use his shoulder to tackle Ryan and then proceed to take the first advantage of the match.

texanoJoey after taking some punishment rolled himself to the outside to lure Texano out. As soon as Texano came out of the ring, Joey would roll back in and drop the elbow on Texano who fell for it. Ryan would deliver some punishment of his own to Texano on the outside of the ring before throwing him back in the ring. Things in the match would change as soon as Famous B came down to the ring as he is trying to recruit Texano. Texano would start delivering some punishing offense to Ryan like a tilt a whirl back breaker, he would hang on the top rope, gain some steam by hitting the ropes and lands a drop kick sending Ryan reeling to the outside. He follows it up by diving out of the ring and on top of Ryan, but Famous B would prove to be a tiny distraction as Ryan hit Texano with the sleaze kick, but Texano held on and kicked out to keep himself in the match. After realizing that he was a distraction, Famous B would make up for it by giving The Beautiful Brenda enough time to hand Texano a horseshoe that he would use on Ryan to get the win. It may not be pretty or fair, but he got the job done. It was a decent show opener, but the frustrating part at times for me in this match was the commentary. The match gets a C+ for a final grade.