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seven-vs-dyerFor today’s Main Event Madness match, I wanted to cover a match from the first ever WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. The WWE has always had a somewhat rich history with the UK whether it be the various tours of the country, Summerslam 1992 from Wembley, or the various competitors like The British Bulldog, William Regal, Fit Finlay, and Finn Balor. So, it was only fitting that the WWE, who continues to reinvent itself every year, travel to the UK to crown a new champion for a new venture there. The very first match of the tournament was between my favorite to win the whole thing Trent Seven, a British Strong Style competitor from Mustache Mountain who took on the future of English Wrestling HC Dyer. Trent was coming into the match with a lot of experience under his belt as he seeks to use his 15 year age difference to his advantage over Dyer. The Empress Ballroom crowd in Blackpool certainly looked ready for a battle and that is what they were going to get all night.

sevenThe match started off with both men trying to outdo the other in as a slap to the chest seemed to not even phase Dyer who laughed it off. The slaps would eventually get to him on the outside, but he was able to sucker Seven in for another one and when he did, he moved out of the way forcing Seven to slap the steel ring post. That would have an effect on Seven throughout the match as he could definitely feel it with every slap he dished out. HC had one big run in the match that included some big suplexes, a big time spinebuster, and a ripcord blue thunder bomb, but much to his avail Seven hung in and kicked out. Seven was waiting for the perfect moment in the match to strike and he’d get it when Dyer climbed to the top rope to try and hit a frog splash that Seven would avoid by moving out of the way and hence why they call it a high risk maneuver. Seven would get up to hit some slaps and then he spins Dyer around and hits him with the seven stars that put Dyer away for good. Trent Seven punched his ticket to the next round. I am definitely excited to see how the rest of the tourney plays out.