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sixth-annual-monster-entertainment-awardsAs you are all aware, we have teamed up with Moshpits and Movies once again for the 6TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards because after all we host the wrestling side of things. We have a lot of firsts for the Monster Entertainment Awards because we have added some new categories to the awards besides Male and Female Wrestler Of The Year. We have added the categories of Tag Team Of The Year, Match Of The Year, and Tag Team Match Of The Year because there is just so much goodness going down in the world of wrestling whether it be Ring Of Honor, NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground, etc. Now it is time to vote and time for you guys to decide once and for all who the winners are and who goes home empty handed. You have until January 29TH to decide and choose carefully and wisely. We understand that this will probably turn into a popularity contest, but vote based on credentials and have fun with it too. Here are the categories: