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img_6055One of my favorite indie companies overseas lately has been WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) and it was a no brainer for me when it came to choosing a match for today. The company held it’s internet PPV KirbyMania a couple weeks back from the Liverpool Olympia in Liverpool and it featured some great matches including this one which saw The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes defending his WCPW Internet Championship against the technical wizard Zack Sabre Jr in what promised to be a very methodical match up between the two. For Zack Sabre Jr. this was his debut match for the company so you had to wonder if there were any jitters, but highly doubtful from the CWC semifinalist. The beginning of the match showcased why Zack was a technical wrestling wizard as he was getting the best of Cody Rhodes, but Cody was quick to remind him who he was with a nice shoulder block that sent Sabre to the mat quickly. It was starting to look like Cody was making a big mistake trying to match Sabre in the technical aspect, but then a quick Gory special would sort of change your mind.

cross-rhodesAs soon as I say that Sabre quickly reminds me and the crowd why you don’t mess with him and his mat skills as he took Cody to school. Cody had to exit the ring to try and regroup and maybe rethink his strategy against Sabre. Sabre definitely had the first advantage as he wasn’t allowing Cody to garner much of an offensive attack always bringing him back to the mat to work on his arm and shoulder. At one point, I thought the tide was surely going to change after Cody hit Sabre with the hangman’s DDT, but in one quick instance and a dragon suplex, Sabre was back on the offensive. It just seemed that the tone of the match was set and that Sabre was on his way to winning the match, but in the blink of an eye it all changed. Cody was trying to slap on the Cross-Rhodes to which Sabre was able to turn it somehow into a pinning combination. Cody kicks out to which now Sabre is going to try and turn the situation into a submission, but Cody’s strength allowed him to reverse out of it and he nails the Cross Rhodes out of nowhere and gets the 1-2-and the 3 for the win as Cody retains the championship. A pretty decent match from the two of them especially if you love mat wrestling from the technical wizard Zack Sabre Jr. I’ll give the match an B+ for a final grade.While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.