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jason_blade_vs_a-j-_styles_2015We are celebrating a couple of things early with today’s match with one of them being that in two days, I will be at the XWA Xtreme Rumble 17 which promises to be an epic night. The other reason is that match features a man who is up for the Wrestler Of The Year (as well as some others) award in the one and only Phenomenal One AJ Styles. We are hoping in the delorean and we are heading back two years ago to Xtreme Rumble 15 when AJ Styles fought Jason Blade in a match that was seven years in the making at the West Warrick Civic Center in Warwick, RI. AJ had basically called out Jason Blade and got into his head by telling him that he wanted him at his best and Blade promised that at that the Rumble he would be. The match basically started with both men jockeying for the advantage with a little test of strength, wrist locks, and some headlocks to boot. The match looked as if Blade was going to take the first advantage with a forearm shot, but Aj was quick to answer with a precise dropkick to the face.

hqdefaultIt wouldn’t be long before Blade would take over as it seemed that AJ was underestimating the former XWA Champion. After hitting AJ with with a Moonsault off the apron, Blade would take over the match just punishing AJ with knees and some educated kicks. But they don’t call AJ the phenomenal one for nothing as he took over with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. AJ began to punish Blade and no matter what Blade tried, AJ was on top of his game to make sure he had Blade down. AJ was trying to prove a point with Blade and it was that Blade was not on his level, but you have to give Blade a lot of credit because he hung in the match. Blade had a pretty comeback in the match where it would look like he might be driving the match home with moves like a tilt a whirl powerbomb and the switchblade, but AJ hung in the match with a simple foot on the rope. AJ would continuously try to hit the styles clash at one point, but Jason kept finding ways to get out of it until AJ was finally able to hit it. Then it was elementary from that point as AJ covered him for the 1-2-3. It was a pretty decent match that both men should be proud of as it displays why we love Indy wrestling in the first place.