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lee-vs-starrThere are matches that you see that you just can not stop talking about because they manage to do things that should happen. They tell a story and they do it well by combining the comedic aspect with the seriousness of a wrestling match. Last night at XWA’s annual Xtreme Rumble 17, David Starr, the WXW Shotgun Champion, managed to do that as he defended his belt against the imposing Keith Lee. If you have never heard of Keith Lee, you should certainly get familiar with the man who is an imposing 6 ft 2 and 330.4 lbs who strolled into the XWA Event Center in West Warrick, RI to take on David Starr who at 5 ft 11 212 lbs may not be the biggest guy, but has the heart of a giant as he told Lee right from the beginning that he was going try his hardest. Enjoying the height and weight advantage, Lee sort of laughed it off as he allowed Starr the opportunity to prove him wrong. Keith Lee would do him one better as the big man proved that he could be agile and diverse in his move set as he proved he could hang with Starr.

img_7185When it became time to get serious, the two competitors got serious as they gave it their all out in the ring. Lee would certainly use his size to his advantage and even showed the XWA crowd that he can do other things like hitting a huricanrana on Starr. Starr would try giving Lee all that he could even pulling off the impossible with a suplex that saw Starr give it his all, but Lee would kick out. At one point in the match, I thought Keith Lee had it in the bag when he hit David Starr with what looked like was going to be a pop up powerbomb, but it ended up just being a pop up slam. Starr though was determined to hang onto to his gold so when it came time for the pinfall, he would kick out at two. Then out of nowhere, David after some offensive maneuvers, would hit Keith Lee with the Canadian Destroyer which made the place and the crowd erupt as he covered Lee for the 1-2-3. As I said before, this is easily a five star match as both competitors told the perfect story and it was definitely the match of the night. That is why I am giving the match an A+ for a final grade.