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la-park-vs-la-parkaThroughout the history of wrestling, some of my favorite matches to watch have been the mirror matches because of how hard they are to pull off. At WWE Summerslam 1994, The Undertaker fought another version of The Undertaker (Brian Lee) in a mirror match to determine the real Undertaker. On an episode of Smackdown in 2011, Sin Cara (Mystico) fought the other version of Sin Cara (Hunico) in a mask vs mask match. In 2003, the original La Parka was forced to change his name to L.A. Park when he left AAA after the owner claimed copyright ownership over the name. So for years, he wrestled in a different company with the new name while another man (Jesus Alfonso Huerta Escoboza) came in and started using the name for AAA. Well in 2010, L.A. Park came back to AAA to reclaim his place and his name and the two did battle at TripleMania XVIII at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico. It was quite the site to see both men in the ring with almost identical attire with the only difference being the red trim around the hood of the mask for La Parka (as well as L.A. Park’s size difference).

la-parkThe sold out capacity crowd was into the match as half were cheering for L.A. Park while the other half were cheering for La Parka, but when the match got started, L.A. Park made sure to set the tone of the match with some heavy chair shots. L.A. Park continued delivering the punishment on the outside of the ring with more chair shots and even used a rope extension post on poor La Parka. To add insult to injury, he started tearing the mask of La Parka almost as if he was foreshadowing what was to come later on. L.A. Park even sprayed him with a fire extinguisher during that beginning stage of his advantage. The match was just completely lopsided in the beginning as it seemed that at any minute L.A. Park could have it in the bag. All battered and bloodied with his mask practically falling off of his head, La Parka didn’t give up and found his opportunity to change the momentum of the match when he reversed L.A. Park’s attempt and superplexed him right through a table.

la-park-2For most of the rest of the match, the two were throwing everything at each other from suicide dives to the outside, lungblower (Backstabber), codebreakers, and just about anything you could think of, but none of them would quit that easily. One of the huge turning points in the match came around the 24 minute mark when L.A. Park went for a suicide dive to the outside, but hit the referee instead due to the fact that La Parka moved out of the way. Complete chaos would ensue after L.A. Park hit La Parka with the illegal Tombstone piledriver on top of a chair. L.A. Park had teased that he was going to use the chair on La Parka to which AAA managing director Joaquin Roldan protested it. It looked like Park was then going to use the chair on him, but his buddy Dorian Roldan stopped him from doing that and in turn Park shoves him to the ground and hits Joaquin with the chair anyways. This causes Dorian to turn on L.A. Park as he hit with the steel chair. Then a mere seconds later, Halloween and Damian 666 came to the aid of L.A. Park and threw him on top of La Parka and then chased him out of the area. A new referee would come down to ringside and count the 1-2-3 awarding L.A. Park as the winner of the match.