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dynamite-kidFor today’s Main Event Madness match, I wanted to check out a match with the man known as Tiger Mask after reading an article on the best masked superstars. Yesterday we had La Parka and today we have Tiger Mask as he takes on a legend of the ring that influenced a whole generation of wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Jay Lethal in the Dynamite Kid. Most people remember him as being the tag team partner of the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, but there is more to him than that. I heard one story about him breaking Mick Foley’s jaw in his very first match with the WWE and so much more. On thing was definitely for sure when it came to Tiger Mask and that was the Dynamite Kid had to be weary of Tiger’s speed and martial arts ability. In the beginning stages of the match he was giving the rough and rugged Dynamite Kid a hard time with the speed and agility, but Kid was eventually able to show his dominance with a big head-butt, some chops, and punches. He was able to ground Tiger Mask for a little bit with a submission move which was the smart thing to do, but anytime he tried anything, Tiger would find a way to reverse it.

tiger-maskThen out of nowhere, Kid throws Tiger out of the ring and suplexes him and he just begins to take control of the match. Then just as soon as I typed this, Tiger Mask returns the favor and throws Kid right against the security barrier on the outside of the ring. It was almost like the tone of the match was whatever you do I can do better or how can I hurt you worse than you just hurt me. The match was also a mat technicians dream as both wrestlers were doing submissions I don’t even know the names of against each other throughout the match. Tiger Mask seemed to have a plan though as soon as he began working on the knee of the Kid with various submissions focused on damaging the knee. At one point, it looked like Kid had his opening to take the match when he dodged Tiger’s patent crossbody and then delivered a tombstone followed by the diving headbutt. When he went for the cover, Tiger kicked out at two. Then out of nowhere, Tiger manages to throw Kid out of the ring, hits him with a flying crossbody to the outside before throwing him back in. Once in the ring, he sets up Kid for the turning moonsault and he nails it. He covers him up and gets the 1-2-3. The match was voted match of the year by Wrestling Observer and I don’t disagree because it was fast paced while also being technical when it needed to be.