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rawUsually the Raw before a big pay per view can be not as exciting at times, but that was kind of different with this week’s Raw from Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena. Mick Foley went backstage in the locker room to talk to Seth Rollins about the fact that he was going out to face Sami Zayn, but the only problem with the match was that if Sami Zayn won the match, he would be in the Royal Rumble and Seth would be out. This didn’t sit well for the former WWE Champion who is looking to use the Royal Rumble to spring back into main event status. Nevertheless, Seth made his way down to ringside to take on a man he teamed up with the week before in Sami Zayn. The beginning of the match belonged to Seth who was getting the best of Zayn as he was out wrestling him what was a technical wrestling showdown in the beginning. The match quickly turned into a fight though because both men knew what was at stake. Before the commercial break, Sami thought he had Seth who was reeling on the outside, so he set up for a suicide dive. When he came running forward, Seth cut him off in the ring and then threw him out for a successful suicide dive of his own.

zayn-rollinsWhen we came back from commercial break, Seth was in control of the match, but it quickly changed when he attempted a springboard maneuver off the ropes that was countered by Zayn into a blue thunder bomb. The two began seemingly throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other from this point on as Sami tried to beat Seth with a Michinoku driver, but Seth would kick out. Seth tried to beat him with a blockbuster, but Zayn hung in there. We even saw Rollins hit him with not only the Avada Kedavra, but he hits Sami with the Falcon Arrow and Sami kicked out at two during the pin attempt. Both men were hungry to stay in the Royal Rumble match this Sunday, but who was going to get beat? At one point in the match, Zayn was going for the helluva kick on the apron, but it was countered and turned into a pedigree on the apron by Rollins. Everyone thought the match was over, but right before he could go for the cover, Triple H’s music hit the speakers. It distracted Rollins to the point that it gave Zayn enough time t recover and roll up Rollins in a small package for the 1-2-and 3. Rollins was now out of the Royal Rumble match and Zayn was in. This was a great match for a show that desperately needs to catch up to what Smackdown Live had been producing.