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tiger-ali-vs-kenny-omegaThere is a lot of rumors going around the internet about who the surprise entrants will be at the WWE Royal Rumble this Sunday. John Cena and others have teased that the surprise entrant could be one Kenny Omega, one of my favorite indie wrestlers out there today. He has played down the rumors, but is that all part of the fun like we had last year with AJ Styles. This past weekend, Kenny stepped in for Cody Rhodes after Rhodes was pulled from the 4FW New Years Wrestleution 2017 from the M.E.C.A. Arena in Swindon, Wiltshire, England to face 4FW champion Tiger Ali in a non title match. They started off the match with the traditional tie ups and armbars and such to showcase their mat wrestling skills and to be frank, Tiger was getting the best of Kenny in the beginning of the match, but a swift kick tot h head would send Tiger to the outside to rethink his strategy with The Cleaner. After a little bit of mat wrestling, Kenny was able to turn the match into a fight with rights and lefts, but it would backfire as Tiger was quick to take the advantage.

kennyWhen it seemed like he may have lost the advantage, Tiger’s entourage at the ring would prove to be valuable assets as they helped him retain his advantage. He even mocked Omega’s Terminator chant as he launched himself over the top rope and onto Omega who was on the outside. That is when he began to maul Kenny Omega in the ring with big chops and even bending the rules as much as he could. No matter what Kenny tried to do, Tiger Ali was there to cut him off. It really started to look like Omega was in trouble, but no matter what happened, he kicked out of every pin attempt. Kenny was eventually able to get some separation after he was able to counter the sleeper into a Rolling fireman’s carry slam which he followed up with a moonsault, but Tiger would kick out on the ensuing pin attempt. He tries a pump-handle backbreaker and Tiger would kick out on the ensuing pin attempt, but once again his entourage proved themselves worthy. They gave Tiger enough time to recover and take the advantage again, but it wouldn’t last long after Kenny connected with both a knee strike to the face and a sit out powerbomb.

tigerThe two would trade blows back and forth, but a mistake from Kenny had the potential to prove deadly as it played out. Tiger had set up Omega on the top rope and as Kenny slapped and punched him off, he launched Tiger into the referee by accident knocking him down. Then as predicted, the entourage entered the ring and began to work on Omega. He couldn’t take advantage of it with the referee down so he decided to attempt to DDT Omega on top of the flag, but that would backfire as Omega gave him the greetings from Winnipeg with help from the flag. As Kenny attempted to hit the V-Trigger, Tiger moved out of the way and snap German suplexed him and followed it up with an Avada Kedavra (a superkick to a kneeling Opponent). Even though the referee came to, he wasn’t able to get the win when Kenny kicked out of the pin attempt.

kenny-2At this point in the match, the two were just exchanging hay makers at each other with Omega nailing Tiger with a running knee, a reverse huricanrana, and a V-trigger, but Tiger kicked out on the ensuing pin attempt. What was it going to take for one of these guys to put away the other? Then out of nowhere, one member of the entourage distracted the referee while the other spit a mist into the eyes of Omega who then gets hit with a superkick and a brain-buster by Tiger Ali. When he went for the pin Kenny barely kicked out of it as the referee’s hand was just about to touch the mat. Just when you thought that Kenny may be down for good, he surprises you by hitting the one winged angel on Tiger Ali. He then proceeds to cover him for the 1-2- and the three. What a match between the two of these guys. It’s not better than his match at Wrestle Kingdom 11, but it’s up there. I am going to give the match an A- for a final grade. We have an award segment on this blog where you can vote for a guy like Kenny Omega for Wrestler Of The Year and more by clicking here. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.