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match3newyork-300x168For today’s Main Event Madness match, there were a couple of reasons I chose the match that I did for today. One reason being that I have been meaning to check out a match with The Spectral Envoy which was a team that existed in CHIKARA wrestling. The second reason being that I want to check out more wrestling promotions than the usual and the last reason that I am a huge Luke Harper fan (although he goes by a different name here). The match that I chose features the leader of The Spectral Envoy in UltraMantis Black taking on Brodie Lee (Luke Harper) at the companies CHIKARA JoshiMania from The Highline Ballroom in Manhattan, New York. When UltraMantis Black made his way to the ring, Brodie looked a little confused as to what in the world was going on and Black took advantage of that by attacking Lee with his staff even taking the fight to the outside where he hit him with a moonsault. Although Mantis may have made the mistake of making this a brawl because it is right up Brodie Lee’s alley and Lee took advantage of his size difference slamming Mantis against the steel guard rail.

brodie lee.pngBrodie at this point just began punishing UltraMantis Black all over the Ballroom and when it finally came time to get in the ring, he helped him in with a backbody drop. No matter what UltraMantis tried to do, Brodie was there to use his size difference to cut him off almost immediately. Brodie was also there to punish him whether it was choking him with his wrist tape or just stepping on his opponent like he was a bug. Ultra was eventually able to get one run in when he nailed Brodie with a full nelson in a slam, but when it came time to pin him, Brodie would kick out at one. But as soon as Mantis tried to muster any offense after that, Brodie was there to hit him with the Truck Stop (spinning side slam). After Mantis tried to muster up offense again, Lee delivers a big boot and a tiger bomb to finish off UltraMantis Black as he gets the 1-2-3. It was a decent match, nothing spectacular, but it’s interesting to see that Luke Harper wears the same outfit as his indie days as Brodie Lee. While you’re at it, don’t forget to like our page on Facebook at Facebook.com/MRXPUNCHOUT and follow us on Twitter too.