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hqdefault-2Just like Monday Night Raw, WCPW (What Culture Pro Wrestling) holds there own show on Mondays called Loaded. This past Monday’s episode of Loaded featured an interesting match as WCPW Internet Champion “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes defended his title against the 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles winner “The Villain” Marty Scurll. It promised to be a very interesting match as we already saw Cody Rhodes defend his title against Zack Sabre Jr. who happens to also team with Marty Scurll on occasions. How was Cody going to handle an opponent like Scurll especially after the fact that Scurll beat Cody at PWG Battle Of Los Angeles in 2016. As per usual, the crowd was very into the match with what seemed like half cheering for Cody and the others cheering for The Villain. The match started with a lit mat technical wrestling, but it really started with a little taunting with Cody first giving the gun shot hand gesture and then it followed with Scurll giving Cody the DX suck it gesture. The techincal mat wrestling continued afterwards with Marty Scurll getting the best of Cody until when they were both up on their feet and he slapped him in the face.

loaded.pngThat pissed off Cody to the point that when Scurll was done showboating, he kicked him in the stomach, dropped down and uppercutted him, and followed it with a kick to the midsection that sent Scurll to the outside to regroup. Cody got a little cocky and tried to deliver an axhandle smash to the outside, but Scurll was able to change the complex of the match by using the umbrella to hit Cody in the midsection. He began working on Cody taunting him with every slap and kick even putting him in a submission I have never seen before in my life. Scurll was smart, he began working on the arm of Cody Rhodes and it proved beneficial to the challenger in moments such as when he tries to counter your suplex, you just wrench the arm enough that he slams to the mat which is what Scurll did. But once again, Scurll got too cocky during the match and he paid for it with a superplex from the top rope. The question then became whether Cody could capitalize on it or was there too much damage done to him?

codyAfter a nice series of exchanges between the two, Cody tried for a moonsault, but no one was home and Scurll superkicked him four times in a row to the temple, but Rhodes would kick out on the pin attempt. A painful moment would follow as Cody dropped down to his back to do that patent uppercut to his opponent, Scurll grabbed his fingers and snapped one or two of them. At this point, they began trying tho throw everything they could at each other to end the match from a pump-handle neck-breaker from Scurll to the figure four lock from Cody (which was broken up by Scurll snapping the fingers by the way). Then all of a sudden, Scurll retreated to the outside and grabbed his umbrella to use as a weapon, but Cody stopped him and grabbed it. While the referee was arguing with Rhodes to get rid of the umbrella, Scurll was under the ring grabbing something. When came back in, he threw what was powder at Cody, but Cody ducked and it hit the referee.

cody-2Cody took advantage by kicking Scurll in the undercarriage and hit him with a disaster kick, but the referee wasn’t there for the pin attempt. When Cody went to check on the ref, Scurll got back up, returned the favor with a kick to the nuts, and hit Cody with his own move the Cross Rhodes. When he went for the pin attempt, the referee was there to count it, but Cody kicked out at two. Frustrated that he didn’t get the pinfall, he got up and declared that he was going to try the chicken wing, but Cody countered it into a Cross Rhodes. When covered him for the pin, it was an easy 1-2 and 3 for the grandson of a plumber. At the end of the match, Scurll gestured to Rhodes that they were 1-1 against each other which may be a sign that they are far from finished with each other. I for one was very pleased with this match more than the Zack Sabre Jr. match that Cody had.