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royal_rumble_2017One of the greatest pay per views that the WWE has besides WrestleMania has always been the Royal Rumble just because of the 30 Man Royal Rumble match. It is a match that is considered the first stop on the road to WrestleMania and with good reason as many have cashed in on the opportunity it gives you when you main event the biggest show on Earth. The question going into this year’s Royal Rumble from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas was who was going to win a match that was completely stacked with some giant names like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Braun Strowman, The Big Show, etc. The only thing is that the Rumble had to follow what I am calling a potential match of the year candidate in AJ Styles Vs John Cena. When it came time for the Rumble match, we were all wondering who was going to draw number one? Was it a current superstar? Or was it a potential debut? Instead, we informed by Enzo as if we couldn’t tell that it was Big Cass that drew number one. After a good five minute rant, we found out that Chris Jericho was going to start the match at number two. After Kalisto and Mojo Rawley drew three and four respectively, we were treated to our first surprise entrant in Gentleman Jack Gallagher who brought his umbrella in the ring and did some damage with it including to Chris Jericho’s undercarriage.

c3b8vzbueaask3dIt wouldn’t be long before he was tossed out by the sixth entrant in the rumble match in “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry. Business picked up as soon as the massive Braun Strowman entered the rumble. Braun would show his dominant side for about 13 minutes. Braun with his size and power would eliminate seven wrestlers from the rumble that included (in order of elimination) Mojo Rawley, Big Cass, Kalisto, Mark Henry, The Big Show, James Ellsworth (who was tricked by Dean Ambrose to enter the ring), and Tye Dillinger before he was eliminated by Baron Corbin. The amount of wrestlers in the ring would build up for a while until Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and The Undertaker showed up to take out the trash. Brock would eliminate Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and Enzo Amore before he was taken out in the same fashion as the Survivor Series by Goldberg who handled him like a rag doll. Goldberg would snag a couple more eliminations before the deadman sent him packing from the Rumble match.

rumble-final-fourThen it happened, the one moment that disappointed WWE fans all over the world when they found out that Roman Reigns had drawn the number 30 spot. We couldn’t believe that at this point in the match, there were absolutely no debuts from NXT in the rumble besides Tye Dillinger coming out at 10 and no debuts from anyone outside the company. To make matters worse, Roman Reigns eliminated The Undertaker leaving the final four being Chris Jericho (who broke the record for the longest collective time spent in the Royal Rumble matches), Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and Roman Reigns. Then just like that, Chris Jericho climbs the ropes, gets hit with a superman punch and is eliminated by Reigns. Then Reigns realized that he was outnumbered by Orton and Bray Wyatt as they gang attacked him in the ring. As Bray set up Reigns for the Sister Abigail into the RKO, Reigns countered with a superman punch for each of them and using Bray’s own momentum, he eliminated him. Reigns then set up for the spear, but got an RKO outta nowhere for it and then was clotheslined over the top rope making Randy the winner of the match. It was an Ok rumble match with things that obviously could have been improved, but that’s the breaks.