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royal_rumble_2017Last night was the second largest pay per view that the WWE holds every single year besides WrestleMania. It is an opportunity for the WWE to wow and dazzle us with surprise debuts and such, but while the Rumble was fun to watch, it ended terribly (they got the winner right). It ended wrong because the WWE got it wrong with the number 30 entrant in Roman Reigns. With Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura in the area, you decided to have him come out at 30 which was the worst decision ever. Listen I am a fan of Reigns and everything he did in that math against Kevin Owens because they took a match that I was not looking forward to and they made it a pretty good match. I think fans were ok with what he did in that match, but to kill his momentum, you send him out at 30 which pissed off everyone exactly in the same way that Rey Mysterio pissed off everyone by coming in at 30 at the 2014 Royal Rumble. To make matters worse for him, you make him eliminate The Undertaker, the most beloved superstar in WWE History and a surefire hall of famer when it’s time to induct him. That is a great way to kill a superstars chances at love from the crowd especially when you are trying to fix it. I often find myself question the writers in the WWE, but hey they are the experts.

c3b8vzbueaask3dNow the question moving forward is whether The Undertaker goes for revenge against Roman Reigns or does he face Goldberg at WrestleMania and claim another victim? The road to WrestleMania began last night and it continues tonight on Raw and Tuesday night on Smackdown Live. There was no surprise during the Rumble that Tye Dillinger was going to enter at 10, but very happy the WWE went through with it. I also wished they had done more with Braun Strowman as in having him in there with Brock, Goldberg, and The Undertaker, but oh well. The thing between the Wyatt Family was very cool and I am interested to see how that plays out for sure. I never thought I would find myself saying this, but John Cena may have been involved in what could be the match of the year with his record breaking 16TH title win against then champion AJ Styles. Just like Bubba Ray Dudley said on Twitter, “PSYCHOLOGY. Selling. Stayed IN RING. No gimmicks. Pure championship match.” That is exactly how I felt watching this incredible match unfold before my very eyes and it could be the match that challenges Okada/Omega for match of the year. The rest of the night was pretty good for the most part with the only dud in my opinion being the six women tag match on the pre-show. I did pretty well as far as my Royal Rumble card was concerned with me going 5-2 on the match predictions with me predicting the correct winner of the Royal Rumble in Randy Orton. I finished the pool with 56 points in total, check it out below. I hope you guys at least enjoyed the PPV as a whole, but I am going to give the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV an B- for a final grade.