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27There was a time in the world when MTV tried to get into the wrestling game and this is by all means no joke. In 2007, MTV aired a program called Wrestling Society X which was promising to be one of the coolest promotions on the Earth. The only problem is that the program was short lived and I mean extremely short lived as first aired on January 30, 2007 and last aired on March 14, 2007. So, while they celebrated the ten year anniversary of it on Twitter, I am here to pay homage to it by checking out one of the most memorable matches that caught my attention from day one. It was the first episode of the show and the first match that aired was Matt Sydal (some of you may remember him as Evan Bourne) who took on Jack Evans. It promised to be a match that was going to be high flying and high risk taking to the max. The match definitely started that way when Evans went for a head scissors which was countered by Sydal as he threw Evans out of the ring. He followed it up with a running moonsault over the top rope.

evansThere wasn’t a lot of story telling going on in this match other than how I can top the last move I did. I mean I see Jack Evans hit a cartwheel elbow to Sydal who then turns and puts Evans into a submission called a Siamese twin, but Evans would spin his way out of it. After some fancy kicks that would send Sydal to the outside, he follows it with a cartwheel moonsault over the top rope. If you love matches that have holy Sh** moments in it one right after another then this was the match for you. Eventually, Jack Evans had some momentum going for him and when he went to perform a move, Lizzy Valentine (Sydal’s girlfriend and manager) got involved by grabbing his leg to slow him down. All it did was prove to be a distraction as Evans ended the match with a 630 senton from the top rope that secured him the 1-2-3 on the pin attempt. This match was exactly what Wrestling Society X was about, unpredictable high octane wrestling for thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, and wrestling fans alike. I do miss it because I wish it was really given a chance. Happy ten year anniversary Wrestling Society X!