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wwe-wwf_survivor-series-1992_undertaker_vs_kamala_casket-matchWe here at Mr. X’s Punch Out feel that is necessary for the whole month of February to do what the rest of the country is doing and that is to celebrate black history month all month long. That means we are going to feature some of the best African American athletes to ever step foot into the squared circle. For today, we are checking out a match with the Ugandan giant Kamala (James Harris) when he reluctantly stepped foot into the ring with The Undertaker at WWE Survivor Series 1992 at the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, Ohio for a casket match. As soon as The Undertaker’s music hit and the site of Paul Bearer wheeling the casket down immediately made Kamala scared to the point that he actually tried to runaway from the ring. There was no way in hell (no pun intended) that Kamala was going to be near the casket or the deadman even despite Kim Chee’s pleas.

kamalaAs soon as the bell rang, Kamala exited the ring and began running around hoping The Undertaker wouldn’t chase him. As soon as he went back in the ring, he began nailing the deadman with big chops to the head, chest, and back of him. However none of it phased the deadman and he began hitting him with chops of his own and even skinned the cat. He was in firm control of the match until Kamala clotheslined him out and he was distracted by Chee and Wippleman. As he grabbed the two, Kamala came from behind and took advantage of it. After some big chops, scoop slams, and some splashes on top of the Undertaker, it looked like he might have been done, but the power of the urn made him rise to his feet. The Undertaker would pick up the urn and hit Kamala over the head with it. After pinning him successfully, all he had to do was throw him in the coffin and close it shut which he did. It’s not the best match in the world, but I believe it introduced us to the coolest gimmick match ever.