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15877496_1917769445120945_3905067136917176320_n-1483780864-800We are continuing to pay tribute to all the amazing African Americans that have stepped foot into the squared circle for Black History Month. The man we are checking out today is a big man who can perform moves like he’s one of the small guys in TNA Impact Grand Champion Moose. In 2016, Moose had teamed up several times with The Miracle Mike Bennett, but squashed their alliance after he was eliminated by Bennett in a battle royal. Fast forward to January 6, 2017 and Moose is your TNA Impact Grand Champion and to settle a score, he would fight Mike Bennett in a No Holds Barred match at TNA One Night Only Live. With Bennett already in the ring, Moose would make his way out to the ring, but as soon as he entered the ring, he was attacked by Bennett before he could even take his sweatshirt off. As soon as the two competitors went to the outside, it looked like Bennett was going to have the upper hand, but Moose was right there to cut him off and give him a big boot to the face.

5Moose would eventually slam Bennett on top of a ladder that Bennett had set up, but when he went to do a back flip from the ring onto Bennett that was on the ladder, no one was home as Bennett was able to move out of the way at the right time. Bennett was in full control of the match using the steel chair to his advantage, but at times Bennett would waste too much time and he allowed Moose back into the match. The two would begin to trade jabs, kicks, moonsaults, pop up powerbombs, you name it, but the veteran Bennett knew when to strike and he would with a piledriver on top of a steel chair. When he went for the cover though, Moose would not quit that easily as he kicked out at two. After failing to pin Bennett after a go to hell, it seemed like no matter what Moose did, Bennett had an answer for it. Then it happened, the first holy sh** moment of the match and exactly what I am talking about when I said that Mike had an answer for everything.

6Both men were always lobbying for control of the match through out and it seemed like maybe Moose was going to have control after he back body dropped Bennett through a table on the outside. He would throw Bennett back into the ring and he would grab a ladder. He placed Bennett on top of the table and he climbed to the very top rope to perform a Moonsault on top of the table, but when he went to execute it, Bennett moved and hit him with a cutter through the table. Maria Kanellis would prove to be a great asset to Bennett during the match when she prevented Moose from getting the pin after a game breaker by falling on top of the referee. When Moose confronted Maria in the ring, Bennett was setting him up for a spear, but Moose read it the whole time and Bennett ended up spearing his wife. Then Moose would take advantage by hitting the game changer and followed it by covering Bennett for the win. This was a great match despite the fact that it’s TNA.