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taven-vs-marsegliaThis is a special match that we have for all of you today as we are feeling pretty generous here at Mr. X’s Punch Out. We are giving you a match up today that is going to help us celebrate SuperBowl 51 with one wrestler from New England taking on one wrestler from Georgia. I had searched far and wide for a match on the internet that existed where a competitor from New England took on one from Georgia or Atlanta and I came across a problem because of a generational gap between big time WCW or WWE wrestlers. Then it hit me when I saw that Vinny Marseglia (whose from Atlanta) took on Matt Taven (whose from New Hampshire) in a match for Showcase Pro Wrestling back in July of 2010 in North Attleboro, MA. You all know them as part of the current Ring Of Honor Six Man Tag Champs The Kingdom, but little did you know they squared off against each other at one time (or did you?). It’s crazy to see how young they are in this match, but interesting to see how they face each other. Matt like a typical heel was not really interested in wrestling during the beginning stages of the match as he took it upon himself to exit the ring to stretch his legs out a bit.

11When they finally locked up, Vinny was getting the best of Taven with an impressive side headlock that frustrated the New England native. What happened next was an impressive sequence of event between the two that ended with Vinny getting the best of his opponent with a couple of hip tosses and a dropkick that sent Taven to the ropes and asking the referee to back him up. Taven wouldn’t be down for long after a poke to the eye helped put him in the offensive instead of defensive. After bending the rules a little, Taven would quickly lose his advantage after some impressive moves like the crucifix pin or the tilt a whirl into a side Russian leg sweep. At one point, in the match, Vinny was pounding away on Taven with some punches in the corner. Taven immediately is able to grab him for what looks like a powerbomb attempt, but Vinny is able to reverse it into a rollup and he gets the 1-2-3. Vinny upset the local favorite with a huge win.